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I am a mother, a grandmother, a spiritual seeker, a medical practitioner, and a psychotherapist. I have a passionate interest in the mind-body-spirit connection – from the perspective of experiential learning in different healing and spiritual traditions; and from studying Western-research models.

Having spent my childhood in the countryside of Maryland I was able to experience and appreciate the delicate relationship between people and their environment. As an adolescent, I began writing poetry about my own relationship with the natural and social world around me and went on to college to major in English with a plan to be a writer. What happened was quite different. Rather than finish school, I took some time off to live in California in the late 1960s, becoming involved in the anti-war and the civil rights’ movements. These experiences planted the seeds for future work for the environment and for social justice.

From the experience of traveling, living in different places, and meeting people from many walks of life, I gained an interest in the healing arts and decided to enter training for the then-new profession of Physician Assistant. After graduating from The Johns Hopkins School of Health Services in 1977, I became a Certified Physician Assistant. From my work, beginning at clinics in the inner city of Baltimore, I gained experience in medicine and, from my patients, a profound knowledge of poverty and social injustice.

As a Physician Assistant, I’ve worked in public health clinics, private medical practices, a clinical ecology practice, student-health clinics, and for ten years in dementia research at The Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry. Since 2008 I’ve maintained a Holistic Psychotherapy Practice in Concord and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

As well as my degree as a Physician Assistant, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Psychology and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University. I subsequently completed a post-graduate, two-year internship at The North Charles Institute for the Addictions, a Harvard University-affiliated clinic; and a three-month internship at Options Recovery Services in Berkeley, California. Since 2008 I have maintained a Holistic Psychotherapy Practice in Concord and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Appointments in Concord and Cambridge are available. Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Optum are accepted. A sliding fee scale is offered, when needed, for those with other coverage.

P.O. Box 393
Concord, MA 01742
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor – Massachusetts License #6449
  • Physician Assistant – Massachusetts License #573